The voter list is tabular listing information of the eligible voters in which voter centers code registered. Every eligible citizen of Afghanistan has the right to register as a voter on the voter list and as a candidate on the candidates list in order to participate in the Election The IEC is responsible to link each polling center to the national tally center. Therefore, the process of registering and displaying the voter lists from 8 June to 29 of June 2019 was implemented. The Independent Election Commission uses the Tazkira/National ID as the most important valid national document to identify eligible voters in the registration and to prepare list of registered voters. Old and new Tazkira/National ID that have the registration and confirmation of population registration are valid. Since many citizens, and especially women in the villages who have not yet been registered, the District Registry is required to distribute citizenship notice prior to the start of the voter registration process. The Census Bureau has announced the readiness to distribute Tazkiras/National ID to about ten million eligible voters across Afghanistan. By issuance of new Tazkira/National ID principle for voting is the Tazkira, and all previous voting cards are invalid.

Voter registration centers record the name of the person who completes the age of 18 on Election Day. The eligible person personally goes to the registration center and registers his / her name as a voter in the voter list. The Identification Officer interviews the applicant, examines his / her citizenship/Tazkira and introduces him / her to the Registration Employee after identification. The registrant inserts the applicant's information in the registration book, then separates the registrant from the registration form and gives it to the other registrant. The other employee checks the back of the registration certificate with the security scrapbook and gives it to the applicant. If someone's name is not on the voter list or if their information is incorrect, go to the registration center to enter their name and correct their information. Otherwise it cannot be voted on Election Day.

In the Women registration locations Female employees are employed. Therefore, women who are eligible to vote can easily register themselves in the register center in order to vote. It should be noted that the Independent Election Commission considers government policy on women and persons with disabilities to recruit staff throughout the election process. In addition to securing registration centers and locations, security forces have been around the registration centers and are responsible for providing security.

To ensure transparency of the voter registration and preparation of the voters list processes, the national and international observers, media will be provided accreditation by IEC. They can file complains if there are violation of conditions, IEC will consider the complains base on approved code of conduct and procedure.

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