Personal Information:

Name: Rahima Zarifi

Father's name: Muhammad Juma

 Permanent Residence: Khalm District, Balkh Province.

Educational background:

  • Bachelor of Economics 1391 to 1394 from Tolo Aftaab Institute of Higher Education
  • 14th Graduate of Accounting Department of Farhang Higher Education Institute of Baghlan 1388 to 1390 (pul khomri city)
  • She has done her 12th Graduation at Central Kunduz girls High School by topping the school
  • Acquired Six-month Management and Leadership Course through Administrative Reform Commission in 1388 

Work Experiences

  • Independent Election Commission Commissioner 12/12/1397
  • High Peace Council responsible for Peace Mothers Network in Kandahar - Baghlan - Kapisa from 1395 to 1397
  • Working on the Peace Mothers Network Working Mechanism
  • Creating a network of peace mothers with the participation of provincial women activists
  • Holding meetings with women activists on strengthening the network and capacity building of women activists in the peace process

Head of Policy and Plan in Ministry of Women Affairs 1391 to 1395

  • Coordination, control and oversight of collection, preparation and consolidation of plans and reports at 34 provincial level
  • Coordination in meeting scheduling at national and international levels, trips, convention reports, celebration of national and international days, ministry leadership meetings, and attracting sponsorships for women's programs
  • Reflect on the activities of the Ministry at national and international level through the press Media

Implementations of the Policy and Planning Directorate

  • Preparation of three rounds of monitoring report from the National Work Plan for Afghan Women.
  • Preparation of policy guidance from gender perspective.
  • Preparing the Ministry's Strategic Plan.
  • Preparing annual reports and plans of the Ministry.
  • Sign (65) Memorandum of Understanding with national and international institutions.
  • Register (200) to coordinate programs for women in Afghanistan.
  • Prepare women's active presence and role in the elections

Head of Baghlan Women Affairs Directorate

  • Providing job opportunities for women.
  • Efforts to reduce poverty for rural women.
  • Work to raise awareness of women's rights.
  • Solving 1000 cases on legal issues related to women, including the case of violence against Sahar Gul and Fahima
  • Coordinate with donor agencies to implement development programs for women
  • Co-operation and coordination with rural women.
  • Work and activism in providing social, economic, political, cultural and health facilities to women
  • Providing opportunities for women and young people to participate in political, social and cultural affairs and vocational training.
  • Working on active participation of women in the highest levels of decision-making, especially elections.
  • Obtain official owership Documents for the Bibi Sabri women Garden by Presidential Decree.
  • Construction of training center in Bibi Sabri Gardan of Baghbi Pul-e Khumri of Baghlan Province funded by Ministry of Women's Development
  • Fundraising from the North American Command Team on the construction of roads, groups, canteens, Bibi Sabri women's gardens in Pul-e-Khumri Baghlan Province
  • Construction of a complex training center at the headquarters of the Baghlan Women's Affairs Directorate with the help of PRT. 

Office Legal Adviser NRC from 1381 to 1387

  • Providing returnees with information on current laws in the country.
  • Registration of legal cases of returnees and finding solutions to the cooperation of judicial and judicial organs and related organs.
  • Communications with other national and international institutions in the field of immigrants and displaced people. 

Deputy Director of Baghlan Provincial Affairs 1381 to 1383

  • Working to promote the rights and well-being of women.
  • Working with the Department of Culture and Education to provide educational opportunities.

Head of the Women's Association (Mirmano Tulany) of Kunduz Province 1365 to 1370

  • Striving for women's rights in various fields.
  • Trying to provide opportunities for women to learn new skills and experiences and implement appropriate plans.
  • Participate in 78 workshops through various institutions to build capacity and gain experience, as exemplified in 4 cases.
  • participate and spend a six-month administrative reform program in the management and leadership sector with distribution of valued certificates
  • Participate in One Month Law Course in Virginia USA 1388.
  • Subscribe to Sark's two-day workshop on creating a free phone line on trafficking in women and children in India.
  • Participation in a ten-day workshop in Italy on human rights and international law through ISAF and UNDP 1391.                                

Honorary Certificates

  • Received medal from Emergency Loya Jirga.
  • Received Medal from Loya Jirga of the Constitution.
  • Receiving medal for outstanding women of Afghanistan.
  • Received of a letter of appreciation from the Independent Human Rights Commission.
  • Received the letter of appreciation of the Independent Election Commission.
  • Received Third Degree Letter of appreciation of the Ministry of Education.
  • Received a third degree letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Women Affairs.
  • Receiving a letter of appreciation from the provincial governor of Baghlan.
  • Receiving a letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Receiving a letter of Appreciation from the press institutions of the country.
  • Receiving a letter of appreciation from the Wolesi Jirga and the Meshrano Jirga.

Membership in the Loya Jirga (Emergency, Constitutional, Traditional, Peace, and Consultative Jirga) on behalf of the people of Baghlan electively.

Being a member of the Kunduz Fact Finding Committee. 

Official trips to gain experience and attend international conferences

  • Four times in the United States
  • Nepal
  • Malaysia
  • Italy
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Dubai








Native Language










Language skills

Management abilities: experience, coordination, communication, good management, self-control, patience, patience, transparency, reasoning, assertiveness and discipline.

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