Who can vote? All eligible citizens who have their registration ID/Tazkira Approved, being an Afghan citizen, have not been deprived of their civil rights by law or court; they have the right to register as a voter and a candidate. Voters Top-up registration of presidential for those who:

  • By 6th of Mizaan completes the age of 18;
  • have recently returned to the country;
  • not registered previously;
  • The stickers have been destroyed which are not recognizable;
  • Previously registered but they moved from one Location to another Location;
  • The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has facilitated their registration

All voters can check their name on the voter list if their name is missing or incorrect, by presenting the approved ID/Tazkira either to re-register or make the required corrections. Voters Top-up registration take place in districts and metropolitan areas, from 18th Jawza to 8th Saratan of 1398. Registration will be continuing in all registration centers in Ghazni Province till 8th of Saratan. Voter registration centers and locations, Everyday including Fridays, are open daily from 7am to 4pm.

The commission uses voter National ID/Tazkira as the only valid national document to identify eligible voters in the process of registering and preparing voter lists, and its types are valid. Eligible voters personally go to the registration center and register their name in the voter list.


Where we can vote: Those voters whose names are on the Voter List of 1398 Elections can vote at the same Center only on Election Day at the Center that have already registered their selves.

Note: For the Kochia and Hindus (Sikhs) voters in the Wolesi Jirga, the whole country is defined as a constituency and they can register at any registration center closest to them and vote at the same Election Day.

When can we vote: According to the election timeline, 6th of Mizaan 1398 is the determined the Election day for the presidential elections. Polling stations are open for one day only.

Note: In the Women registration centers, female employees are assigned. Eligible women can go to the polling stations to register for voting, and in order to participate in the elections.

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