The election law explicitly states that candidates can present their goals and programs to citizens and gain support for their work plans. During this time, voters can obtain accurate information about the program and goals of independent candidates and political parties. Candidates can also present their plans during the campaign by organizing political assemblies, gatherings, and speeches with the people they meet. The campaign period according to Article 76 of the Electoral Code for each election is as follows:

  • For Presidential Election for 60 days;
  • For Wolesi Jirga elections 30 days ;
  • For Provincial Council elections 20 days;
  • For District Council elections 15 days;
  • For Village Council Elections 7 days;

For the election of municipal and municipal assemblies 20 days are determined as per the law. The campaign ends in each election 48 hours before Election Day begins. In order for the electoral process to be fair and transparent to all candidates, a separate procedure set up by the IEC sets out how each election campaign will be run.

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