During the nomination process, each candidate provides the IEC with information on all assets above a certain value. Campaign Assistance, Candidates can receive assistance during the campaign period, although only Afghan nationals, political parties, and other domestic and non-governmental legal entities can provide assistance.

Assistance can include cash, loans, movable and immovable property, services and facilities. The amount of financial assistance by the citizens and legal entities is limited.

Each candidate must report on his campaign contributions, assistances and expenditures in accordance with the approved procedure such as (Campaign spending includes any kind of payment paid for the goods, property, assets, services and facilities used in the campaign).

If a candidate fails to submit his / her financial assistance and expenditure report to the IEC on a timely basis, the commission shall submit a list of violated candidates to the Complaint Commission after it is published by IEC.

Campaign financial information remains confidential with the Election Commission and is provided only at the formal request of judicial bodies or the Electoral Complaints Commission.

All respected candidates will be notified through the Commission's social media and website to submit their first election campaign reports in 11-13 days and its second report in silence period to the provincial offices of the IEC. If the report is not submitted, the violator will be referred to the Complaints Commission.




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