The Independent Election Commission's Information and Public Outreach Section is one of the important information sharing and awareness-raising sections, which have the responsibility for designing and implementing all public outreach activities.

According to the electoral timeline, Information and Public Outreach Department of IEC is responsible for all electoral processes and phases (voter registration, candidate registration, campaign, voting day, counting, informing the public, holding of elections, announcing of election results) awareness in a timely manner.
This section provides detailed and active information programs for awareness and publishes through mass media:

  1. Publication of informative videos;
  2. Publication of Posters, Billboard, polling signs, and Informative Brochures;
  3. Publication of Election Information Fact Sheets;
  4. Publication of Radio and Television messages (PSAs);
  5. Provision and publication of news, notifications, statements, and messages through social media;
  6. Publication of important election issues on the Independent Election Commission website;
  7. Bulletin;
  8. Call Center;
  9. Press conferences;
  10. Consultative meetings;
  11. Holding face-to-face meetings (Civic Educator);
  12. Organizing training seminars and workshops;
  13. Mobile Theater in Provinces and Cities.

The Information and Communications with media Department of the IPOD, for awareness and establishment of close contact with the media, in addition to the news coverage of Commission programs, prepares a series of press conference programs, open session, consultative meetings, the publication of press releases and newsletters.

The media monitoring section of IPOD supervises media activities, provides daily reports and discussions points for the IEC leadership and spokesperson.

Also, according to the electoral law and constitution of Afghanistan, publishes very useful materials on issues related to elections and electoral partners (political parties, civil society, observer organizations, and the media) in the IEC website, which are important for raising citizens' awareness.

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