The Presidential Election is scheduled for September 28, 2019. According to the Article 156 of the Constitution and Article 28 of the Election Law, electoral commissions are responsible for the conduct of this election and adjudication of complaints and objections.

The electoral commissions conducted a joint meeting today at ECC and ensured their preparations for the upcoming election to all the relevant stakeholders.

Today, IEC and ECC signed the MoU for accelerating their performance, coordination and cooperation in carrying out its activities related to 2019 presidential election.

Through the signed MoU, both the commissions have committed to respect and not to interfere in legal mandates of each other. They also expressed an assurance to conduct transparent, just, fair and impartial election nationwide.

Both commissions shall also consider the nation interests while performing its mandate and implementing activities. They will perform their mandates independently and will not be influenced by any pressure or domestic and external requests.

In the MoU both the commissions have agreed to exchange information and strengthen coordination through the Secretariat Offices at central and provincial level. The coordination will be done through the Electoral Affairs Departments of PIEC and PECC Secretariats.

Both the commissions shall regularly conduct joint meetings for strengthening the electoral processes and managing the adjudication of electoral complaints and objections.

The movement of sensitive and non-sensitive materials from center to provinces is completed. Hundred and thirteen monitoring and observation entities and international media have received accreditation. Biometric devices have been sent to provinces to prevent proxy and multiple voting and the presidential election 2019 will be conducted with the biometric voter verification devices. International and national organizations have extended cooperation to ensure security for elections.

The electoral commissions have finalized the regulation of the joint committee structure and functions.

Note: The joint MoU between the commissions and regulation on the joint committee, its structure and functions will be published on electoral commissions’ websites.

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