The presidential candidates have a period of 60 days (July 28-September 25) according to the electoral calendar to conduct their campaigns.

Ms. Hawa Alam Nuristani, the IEC Chairperson, said in the press conference: “all eligible voters including women and men have the right to vote to one of their favorite candidates on the Election Day”.

She added: “using vote and choosing one candidate is possible when citizens of the county have clear information on every candidate and their future programs and then based on the plans presented, identify which one to choose from among them. According to the Election Law, a period of 60 days has been determined for campaign for the candidates to present their programs to and obtain support of voters”.

 The IEC seriously instructs the respected candidates, supporters of candidates, political parties and coalition of political parties to observe and abide by during the campaign period the provisions of the law, regulations especially the Campaign Regulation and Regulation on Financial Affairs of Campaign, the procedures, code of conduct and decisions of the Commission as published on the official website of the Commission. These regulations and procedures have already been provided to the respected candidates at the time of awarding accreditation letters to them. It is expected that the Electoral Complaints Commission will seriously deal with the cases of violation of provisions of the Election Law and the mentioned regulations and procedures.

On the other hand, as part of its legal mandate, the IEC has announced and published on its website the presidential election calendar on May 29, 2019. According to this calendar, the campaign period ends 48 hours before the Election Day. This period is referred to as the silence period with no one having the right to do a campaign during this period.

The IEC has been working day and night for the last months for successful conduct of the September 28, 2019 presidential elections. Elections are the only peaceful way of transfer of power as a phenomenon in the country enjoy a special place in the country and is deemed as the only way out of the war and insecurity crisis.

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