Dr. Abdul Badi Sayat IEC Chairman announced the commencement of VR process in a press conference at IEC HQ office on 14 April 2018.

Dr. Sayat added: In accord with the electoral law of Afghanistan the Independent Election Commission is committed to conducting the Wolesi Jirga and District Council elections on 20 October 2018 and will bring reformation in all electoral; hence we are starting the voter registration in 34 provincial capitals to prepare the voter list and connect each voter to a specific polling center.

IEC management asked all Afghan citizens to register and show their unity at the international community to decide on their future with their own vote. As well as Dr. Sayat call on all oppositions to take part in this national process, get rid of obstacles and encourage the public to take part in voter registration process.

The VR process will conduct in three phases; the first phase starts on 14th April at the provincial capitals and will continue till 13th May, second phase will start on 15th to 28th May center of the districts and the third and last phase will start on 30th May and will continue till 12th June 2018 at the villages, Tazkira and being 18 years old is the only requirement to register yourself as a voter, and please register yourself in the center where you will vote.

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