The Independent Election Commission, respecting the provisions of the elections law, is committed to bringing reforms in all different electoral processes. This Commission while taking into consideration the role and importance of the political parties in a democratic system, especially in the electoral process, has continuously endeavored to seek views, opinions and recommendations of the relevant stakeholders in this national process, especially of the political parties.

As a result of these efforts, the Commission has integrated and implemented most of the recommendations received and will continue to do so throughout the different electoral processes. In response to the statement issued by representatives of some of the political parties and movements concerning the Commission and the upcoming electoral process, the Independent Election Commission would like to share its views in that regard with the respected political parties, political movements and the noble people of Afghanistan as following:

  1. The Independent Election Commission is committed to conducting the Wolesi Jirga and District Council elections in 1397 (2018-19), provided that the required budget for the process is provided within the due time, and security of the process is maintained. Changing of the electoral system at this sensitive time would seriously affect the preparations for the upcoming elections, and probably may result in delaying the conduct of these elections in 1397 (2018-19);
  2. Based on its legal obligation, the Independent Election Commission is committed to providing the opportunity of exercising the right to vote to all persons eligible to vote throughout the country, and that will definitely include the IDPs as well;
  3. The Independent Election Commission based on its belief and trust in the role of political parties in the electoral process has established a continuous consultation mechanism with the stakeholders through conducting the National Election Forum meetings, and would welcome their permanent representatives to the Commission, so that they shall get informed of the affairs related to elections;
  4. The IEC conducted a comprehensive program of the polling centers assessment at the secure areas of the country. The list of the polling centers including the areas, the polling centers of which were not assessed, was approved during the several open sessions of the Commission and was published on the Commission’s website. The PCs list will be finalized after adjudication of complaints received by the Electoral Complaints Commission. It is worth mentioning that in case security of those areas are maintained, where the polling centers were not assessed, the Commission is committed to assess the polling centers in there before the elections. It is also to be mentioned that, the polling centers of those districts where the PCs assessment cannot take place, will remain as per the past.

At the end, once again, we would like to announce to the noble people of Afghanistan, political parties and movements and the CSOs that the Commission is fully prepared to conduct the Wolesi Jirga and District Councils elections in 1397 (2018-19). The first step in this area, is the voter registration and preparation of the voters list which will soon be rolled out. The Commission expects all the noble people of Afghanistan to pave the way for conducting transparent and fair elections through participating in and assisting with this process to write their destiny.

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