The IEC is responsible for conducting all the elections that are predicted in the Constitution. Elections are a big national process the successful conduct of which necessitates comprehensive support from and preparing of proper bed by the government and the stakeholder agencies.

After the successful conduct of the 2019 presidential election, the Commission completed the lessons learned so that the next processes could be managed properly based on the experiences gained. 

In addition, conducting WJ (Ghazni), provincial council, district council, mayoral and municipality council elections were analyzed. After technical and operational assessment, necessary preparations were made for conducting of WJ (Ghazni), provincial council, district council and municipality elections in 2021. 

The IEC officially submitted the concept for WJ (Ghazni) elections to the President on August 6, 2020 which had projected May 21, 2021 as the election day. The Commission sent a follow up letter on September 11, 2020 to the President. Recently, on November 23, 2020, the concept and Operational Plan for WJ (Ghazni) and provincial council elections and a number of municipalities were sent to the President. The concept and the Operational Plan envision the mentioned elections to be held in autumn 2021. 

The IEC has made all its technical and operational preparations for conducting the WJ (Ghazni), provincial council and a number of municipality elections in autumn 2021. The Project Document was also signed with UNAMA and UNDP. 

Re-assessment of polling centers, correction of voter list, and top-up voter registration are among the main activities that will be carried out by the Commission before operational activities for the mentioned elections. 

Besides preparations for conducting WJ (Ghazni), provincial council and municipality elections, the Commission organized continued outreach and trust building meetings in all 34 provinces. It has also finalized the electoral law reform proposal which will soon be shared with the Ministry of Justice, National Assembly, and other stakeholders. 

Further, the IEC is committed to put all the electoral issues before stakeholders, receive the opinions and views of the national stakeholders and international supporters, and proceed with the upcoming elections process using the comprehensive assessments. 

We expect from the Government of Afghanistan to prepare conducive environment for conducting the mentioned elections by providing budget and ensuring security. 

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