The IEC is tallying the results of September 28, 2019 elections. After the completion of work and comparison of data of the NTC with the DAVE Center and the biometric data that was received from Dermalog Company, one of the important issues is the audit and recount of votes of those stations that are problematic according to the law, regulations and procedures of the Commission.

The Commission has made all the necessary technical and operational preparations in the capital and provinces during the last few days. The training of staff was successfully completed in 34 provinces, delegations to all provinces were assigned and deployed, technical equipment for recount and audit were packed in presence of monitors, observers and national and international media outlets and are being moved to the provinces.  

The IEC, once again assures the great people of Afghanistan and all other stakeholders that it implements the law, and the approved regulations and procedures, protects the votes of the people as a trust, and distinguishes the white votes from black votes. The IEC leadership validates only those votes that are backed by biometrics and which are valid according to regulations and procedures of the IEC. 

The IEC calls on all the stakeholders especially monitors, observers, media and the respected campaign teams to monitor and observe the process of audit and recount at the provincial offices of the electoral commissions and support the Commission according to the provisions of articles 9 and 10 of the Election Law and play a constructive role in the process. 

After conducting the audit and recount at the provincial office level, the IEC will implement the results at the HQ and will announce the preliminary results as soon as possible.

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