Considering the Constitution, the Mass Media Law, the Law on Access to Information, and article 89 of the Election Law, the IEC believes in its responsibility towards the people and mass media.

Given the current security situation and actions taken by the central and provincial offices of the IEC, we are going to provide to the media the relevant information every day at 14:00. Therefore, all the media officials and journalists are requested to come to the IEC at 14:00 for obtaining the information and getting necessary answers to questions. 

Moreover, for security purposes and for the sake of necessary support to the designated security officials of the IEC, there is a need for full details of journalists and their technical colleagues. We request the domestic and international media to send through an official letter full details of those media staff and journalists of them who they assign on continuous basis to the IEC Office of Spokesperson. 

Those journalists and their technical staff who come to the IEC on non-usual basis, may contact the relevant officials through (0782828222, 0786373065, 0703808390, and 0795121212) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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