In this meeting that took place in his office, IEC chairman Mr. Najibullah Ahmadzai spoke about the recent progress made about the PC assessment process. He added that 93 - 95% of the job is accomplished and in the next two weeks, it will be completed and finalized.

Mr. Najibullah Ahmadzai the Chairman of IEC participated in the Association of World Election bodies (AWEB) in Romania Bucharest which was on 31st of August 2017 and there were more than 50 different countries Chairman participated in this important meeting and they exchanged their update information about the election process in their countries.

Economy Minister Dr. Mustafa Mastor met IEC management and discussed on the criteria of good government and elections today 27th February 2018. IEC management indicates on their technical preparation for conducting of upcoming elections and added that there are some issues like specifying administrative and population for conducting of district elections and security situation within the districts.

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