On 8 June 2019 IEC management inaugurated the Voter Registration Update. The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan has started the Voter Registration (VR) Update which includes Top-up voter registration for voters who did not registered yet and will turn 18 by the election day, as well as the display of the Voter List for correction. A full Voter registration is taking place in Ghazni province, where the previous registration is invalid.

On 14 April IEC Gender Unit held a coordination meeting on women effective participation in the electoral process, at the Kabul Star Hotel. IEC and ECC Chairs, Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Counter Narcotics and the Independent Human Rights Commission were invited and attended the meeting. Women's Network, the First Lady's Office, Electoral Observers groups as well as other national organization and institutions dealing with women’s affairs also attended the meeting. 

The meeting was held on 3 April at IEC HQ, in presence of both Commissions Chairs, Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani, and Mrs Zohra Bayan Shinwari, as well as Mr. Peter N. Due, Head of Department of Political Affairs and Peace of Asia (DPPA) - (DPO), and Mr. Grant Kippen, Head of UNAMA Election Division in Afghanistan.

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