Members of IEC Management meet with UN Special Representative Secretary-General Mr. Tadamichi Yamamato to discuss the success of election process today at Headquarter of IEC.

At first, the Chairwoman of IEC, Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani, thanked the international community for the cooperation, saying that 98% of the presidential election process had been successful and now the process of tallying of votes had begun but due to the communicational problems the process has been slow in some provinces.

Mrs. Nuristani consider the support of the international community is valuable and urged candidate to avoid prejudice and respect the announcement of results by the commission.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yamamato congratulated the members of the Commission and the people of Afghanistan on the success of this process: We appreciate that despite of difficult circumstances, the elections were held well; thank you all and your international partners. Ownership of this process is up to the electoral commissions with the help and support of the international community. He added that the trust and confidence of the people and the electoral partners depends on your performance. 

Awrangzib IEC commissioner added: We were able to hold the election in a very short time frame, and we pledge to the announcement of results in accordance with the election timeline and to restore the trust and confidence of the people towards commission.

Mr. Awrangzib also asked the candidates to consider the legal documents and principles of behaviors of which have been signed by candidates on regards the electoral process.

Rahima Zarifi IEC commissioner thanked Mr. Ahmad Ishaq Hassan and Ilvina Robinson International Commissioner and said: They worked with us day and night like an Afghan, and we appreciate their commitment to the electoral process.

Mr. Habib Rahman Nang, IEC -CEO also spoke in the continuation of the assembly. No one is allowed to interfere; we will proceed in accordance with the Electoral Code and IEC Regulations. It is our commitment to impartiality and to set the platform for the observers to observe this process. He added that despite the commitment of telecommunications companies, communication problems caused delays in reporting the voters’ turnout from some centers IEC.

At end, Mr. Yamamato and his companions visited the Digital Center, the tally center and intake process in warehouse.

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