On 5 August 2019, the European Union (EU) Ambassador and other Ambassadors of the EU member states in Afghanistan met with IEC leadership to share information on progress and challenges of upcoming Presidential election and visited the National Data Entry Center at IEC HQ.

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani, IEC Chair, opened the meeting and welcomed Ambassadors before providing them with an update on the preparation of the upcoming elections. Challenges faced during ongoing operations were also presented and IEC Chair stress that "the Commission is building upon WJ lessons learnt to address issues and move forward in the preparation of free, fair and inclusive election, next 28 September 2019".

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani added that IEC is "grateful for EU support as the role of the international community in holding Presidential election is crucial".

Mrs. Rahima Zarifi, IEC Commissioner, talked about the peace process and the election, enquiring on views and policies of the European Union.

Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, EU Ambassador, stated: ‘as the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security, Mrs. Mogherini, declared during her visit in Kabul last March, we should support peace as if there were no election, and we should support election as there were no peace. The two should go in parallel as both are important’. He continued ‘IEC and all electoral stakeholders, are working to build trust. A special focus should be put on women participation in election’.

Mr. Awrangzeb, IEC Commissioner, thanked EU for its clarity and support and stated: "to gain people trust, based on past experiences and lessons learnt, IEC is taking anti-fraud measures such as the use of biometric technology, the cleaning of the voter list (VL) by removing 400,000 voters and the use of QR code on the ballot papers’. In order to ensure the good quality of the ballot papers and the sensitive material, Mr. Awrangzeb and Mr. Mohammad Hanif Danishyar undertook a mission in Dubai to visit the production company and monitor the production process.

Concerning IEC recruitment process, Dr. Habib Rahman Nang, IEC CEO, stated that "more than 200,000 employees will be hired for the E-day, including key staff such as PCs and PSs managers, which are subject to biometric registration. The BVV officer will be trained on the use of biometrics devices’’. 

Dr. Habib Rahman Nang also added that the election observation, national and international, should  be strengthened to enhance the transparency of the process.

At the end of meeting, the delegation of Ambassadors visited the National Data Entry Center where details of 9,6 million registered voters are digitalized.

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