The meeting was held on 3 April at IEC HQ, in presence of both Commissions Chairs, Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani, and Mrs Zohra Bayan Shinwari, as well as Mr. Peter N. Due, Head of Department of Political Affairs and Peace of Asia (DPPA) - (DPO), and Mr. Grant Kippen, Head of UNAMA Election Division in Afghanistan.

IEC Chair welcomed participants at IEC HQ, that she defined as a space for collaboration and work on activities and plans with national and international colleagues.

ECC Chair, informed participants that WJ results for six provinces and Kuchis are underway.

IEC Commissioner, Mr. Awrangzeb, stressed IEC challenges, including institutional capacity building, and ask UN support, as well as the introduction of international commissioners for IEC and ECC, according to the new provisions of the election law.

IEC Head of Secretariat, Mr. Habib Rahman Nang, presented the progress of WJ results, IEC operational plan and reforms, the revision of the voter list, the electoral budget, the use of technology and the signature of MoUs with institutions involved in the electoral process. The elections timeline was presented to provide participants with additional information.

At the edge of the meeting, UNAMA Head of Election Division, Mr. Grand Kippen, urged the finalization of Commissions proposals to attract international community financial support. Mr. Kippen also stated that UNAMA will introduce to the Presidential palace four names of potential international commissioners.

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