On 26 March 2019, IEC leadership met with ‘Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan’ (FEFA) to discuss on reforms and preparation for upcoming elections. During the meeting, IEC provided an update on IEC reforms plan, provision of policies, access to information, independency and stability of the organization, and other elections related subjects.

Mr. Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, IEC Commissioner, stated that the institution is committed to rebuilding its credibility and trust of the people.

During the press conference, Mr. Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, stated that, according to the elections timeline, there is a delay of 16 days of electoral operations. IEC will discuss with other stakeholders and a revised elections timeline will be announced within two days.

Concerning the use of biometric technology during all the phases of the electoral process, IEC reached an agreement with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on the use of BVV devices for VR process.

IEC is also working on a document on MDR adoption and the repercussion on IEC operations that will be presented within less than one month to the Presidential Palace.

In addition, WJ results of Herat, Paktika and Balkh provinces as well as the Sikh seat will be announced before the end of the week. Results of Badghis, Ghor and Logar provinces will follow right after.

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