All VR process training material have been stocked in IEC HQ office ware house and based on pre made plan and needs of each provinces the materials have been packed and might start delivery from IEC HQ office to regions and provinces at end of the week.

Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan as of the 6th article of Electoral Law made decision to conduct VR and prepare the VR list based on Tazkira (National ID Card) and connect each voter to one polling center.

Therefore the VR process will contact in three phase; the first phase process will official start on 14th April at the center of the provinces and will continue till 13th May, second phase will start on 15th to 28th May from center of the districts and the third and last phase will start on 30th May and will continue 12th June 2018.

The packing of VR materials for training have been started on 22nd of March at the IEC HQ office; 1414 VR training kit have been packed and are ready for dispatch to regions and provinces.

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