Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan intent to contact a free and fair election in all over the country. As you are aware that IEC has all the technical preparation for contacting upcoming election and voter registry process which will happening within one month. All sensitive and non-sensitive electoral materials (VR stationary, VR books and training books) based on plan have been designed, sent for printing and delivery to the IEC HQ office ware houses.

Today 18th March 2018 for better coverage of these important news a media tour has been organized with presence of Ms. Wasima Badghisy Operational deputy Mr. Mazullah Daulaty Finance and Administrative deputy, Ms. Maliha Hassan and Mr. Abdul Qader Qureshi IEC commissioners, Dr. Shahla Haque Acting CEO and media; talking with media Ms. Wasima Badghisy Operational deputy said:

IEC has all the necessary preparation for conducting of VR process and provided information about all the stocked electoral material and specially the VR book, as well Ms. Badghisy answered to some operational and technical question of media.

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