Mr. Awrangzib, Chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), heads of relevant IEC departments and UNDP  technical financial staff members discussed the reasons for delay on salary issues of 1397 parliamentary election staff at the IEC HQ office.

In this meeting, the reports of UNDP colleagues was reviewed and based on it, under the guidance IEC chairman a special operation center was established to investigate this problem and submit the mentioned center progress daily reports to the Commission office.

Subsequently, Ali Shah Mesbah, Strategic Communications deputy to CEO pointed on the quotes of IEC Chairman said: the list of relevant staff should be submitted to the IEC Finance Department in cooperation with the provincial heads, field operations, human resources and UNDP staff, work seriously to finalize the issue as this is an important cause for IEC.

Meanwhile, the salaries of parliamentary election staff have been paid through MPS, banks or ID cards, while others have not been paid due to problems with the documents submitted to the UNDP office.

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