Mr. Najibullah Ahmadzai the Chairman of IEC participated in the Association of World Election bodies (AWEB) in Romania Bucharest which was on 31st of August 2017 and there were more than 50 different countries Chairman participated in this important meeting and they exchanged their update information about the election process in their countries.

Mr. Najibullah Ahmadzai had delivered the two important presentation which were Election in Afghanistan, and Counting the ballots and accounting to the votes” to all participants and provided them about the election in Afghanistan and beside he had presentation, special time was given to him for his speech and during his speech to all participants he tried his best and draw their all attention towards the IEC to help us technically and also in the capacity building for the staff of IEC, and during his speech participants were really impressed from his clear words and majority of them promised to do cooperation with the IEC and they were happy to have MOUs with the IEC.

He thanked the India Election commission and the Republic of Korea and their strong support technically and have the MOUs with the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) and he had individually meetings with different chairman of different countries and were discussed about the upcoming elections in Afghanistan and Mr. Najibullah Ahmadzai also discussed with them about the experience what they have in their countries especially on using the technology. Overall his all meetings were good.

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