Independent Election Commission (IEC), held a meeting with UNESP officials, the meeting chaired by Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani chairwoman of IEC; Mrs. Nuristani thanked and appreciated the cooperation of (UNESP) project and stated the importance and evaluability of these meetings for current situation of the country which will help for well conducting the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile; Mr. Seyed Esmatollah Mal Deputy Chairman and Mr. Mohammad Hanif Danishyar IEC Commissioner, expressed their opinions about enticing funds and establishment of specified mechanism for implementing these projects.

Mr. Ali Al-Bayati in charge of (UNESP) project, while presenting the presentation of the project document, said that the continued project will be extended for the coming year (2021). He added that in upcoming year, they would focus on provincial offices, public awareness, gender issues and donor funding to fund the project, and promised technical assistance in purification of the voter list.

This meeting was hold with the presence of Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani Chairwoman, Mr. Seyed Esmatullah Mal, IEC Deputy, Ms. Rahima Zarifi Secretary and Commissioner, Mr. Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, Mr. Awrangzeb, Mr. Mohammad Hanif Danishyaar and Mr. Mosafer Qoqandi IEC Commissioners, Mr. Ali Shah Mesbah IECs Deputy of Strategic communications and Mr. Mohammad Osman Frotan IECs operational, Grand Kippen Senior Advisor, Mr. Ali Al-Bayati and Mr. Peter Man from United Nations Election Support Project (UNESP) project.

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