Mr. Manpreet Singh Anand, President of the National Democratic Institute of Asian Pacific (NDI) and their delegation met with the IEC Management at IEC HQ office and Share their view on holding the presidential elections and share their findings on the process.

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani, Chairwan of commission, thanked the financial and spiritual support and of international organizations, especially the NDI in holding presidential elections and the realization of democracy in the country.

"The new Management of the commission, despite various security and technical challenges were able  to hold the elections successfully," said Mrs. Nuristani. "Which will be acceptable to the people, and observatory entities, also added the results processed and accurately and we will announce the preliminary results based on law and procedure."

Mr. Anand appreciated the Commission's new Management activities and providing information to the public. "Democracy in Afghanistan is a young phenomenon that faces many challenges and elections are part of that democracy and we have been working with and supporting the Commission as much as possible to build trust," he added.

Mr.  Anand and his accompanying delegation also shared their findings and views with commissioners of the Commission's Management.

Mr. Awrangzib IEC commissioner  provided information that “Real figures will be publicizes by commission when results will be processed in both Centers (the Digital Center and the National Data Center) and the transfer of biometric data from the biometric devices to the server for analyzing filters of face, photographs and  duplicate stickers; the information which has been transmitted to the system the IEC and Candidates will received such information at same time and this is the first election to have a high level of observation. "

At the main time Mrs. Rahima Zarifi, IEC is working for on policies and also established the Deputy to Strategic Communications at Secretariat level to implement these policies.

Meanwhile, a foreign IEC commissioner, Ms Ilvina Robensen, said provincial-level recounts are being conducted in the presence of observers and are a valid criterion for a commission that has a biometric QR code.

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