The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Management welcomed US Ambassador Mr. John Bass to the IEC HQ office on 14th October. "We thank the United States for its financial and technical cooperation. The Commission is committed to the transparency and impartiality in tallying of result sheets of election and the result which is acceptable will be announce."

"The technical problems with the telecommunications networks and the Darmalog company delayed the transfer of biometric information, which fortunately consultation with all electoral stakeholders ( candidates representatives, observers entities) has successfully launched a new approach to speed up the process of transferring biometric information to the central server. 

The IEC Management added, the United States Ambassador, while supporting the election process, said: “stand over any pressure and announce transparent results independently "At end of meeting, the ambassador and his accompanying delegation visited the National Tally Center and Digital Center of Independent Election Commission.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani Chairwoman of IEC, Mr. John Bass Ambassador of United States and his accompanying delegations, Mr. Esmatullah Mal Vice chairperson, Mr. Musafer Quqandi secretary and commissioner, Mr.Mohammad Hanif Danishyar, Mr. Aurangzib, Mr. Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, Mrs.Rahima Zarifi Ilvlina Robensen of IEC, Mr.Habib Rahman Nang CEO to Secretariat, Dr. Mohammad Usman Forotan Deputy of operations, and Mr. Ali Shah Misbah Deputy of Strategic Communicaitons of Secretariat of IEC.

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