In a press conference, the IEC Management provided the media and the public with the latest information on the tallying of result sheets of 28th September 2019 presidential election.

IEC Management has assured the transparency of tallying result sheets and added, "So far, more than 22,000 digital results forms and 25,000 physical results forms have move in to the server and in tally center.

The biometrics information of 1million and 700 thousand voters also have been transferred in the system which includes Photo, face, Tazkira, fingerprints of thumbs and other specifications. Less than 4,000 digital results forms will be transferring soon to the server, and the phase of validation and separation of valid and invalid votes will be commencing. "

The press conference was held at IEC Media Center on 14th of October 2019, IEC management Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani Chairwoman of IEC, Mr.Esmatullah Mal Vice chairperson, Mr. Musafer Quqandi secretary and commissioners, Mr.Mohammad Hanif Danishyar, Mr. Aurangzib, Mr. Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, Mrs.Rahima Zarifi Ilvlina Robensen, Mr.Habib Rahman Nang CEO to Secretariat, Dr. Mohammad Usman Forotan Deputy operations, and Mr. Ali Shah Misbah Deputy of Strategic Communications of Secretariat of IEC attended.

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