Accreditation procedures applies for the accreditation process of parties, independent candidate’s agents, observers and media representatives involved in the election monitoring and observation process.

Who can be accredited as agents, observer and media representatives?

  • Representatives of parties and independent candidates (Agents).
  • Representatives of national and international observer organizations (Observers).
  • Representatives of national and international media (Reporter).

Accreditation of Organization

In order to monitor and observe elections, above mentioned entities must be accredited with External relations department of the IEC and IEC provincial offices. In order to apply for accreditation, parties, and independent candidates, observation and media organizations shall submit AO1 “Entity Accreditation” Application Form to the IEC External relation department’s Accreditation office or IEC provincial office. Decision on accreditation as organization is taken by the IEC.

Accreditation of Agents, Observers, Media Reps.

The organizations that have already been accredited, submit AO2 “Observer Accreditation” and AO3 “Media Representatives Accreditation” Forms for accreditation of each individual agents, observer and media reps. After approval of names in AO2 and AO3 Forms, Accreditation office in IEC HQ office or provincial office provides the Entity Number for each agents, observer and media rep. and issues Identification Card to be used for all electoral process and E-day.

Registration of agents, media and observers in provinces

In order to make easy accessible accreditation process, the IEC provincial election office offer registration of agents, observers and media representatives in provinces. After submission of AO2 and AO3 Application Forms, the IEC Provincial office sends scanned AO2 and AO3 Forms to the IEC HQ Accreditation office for approval. After approval, the accreditation office provides agents, observers and reporters with Entity Numbers and informs provincial office about it. After receiving Entity Numbers provincial office issues ID card.

Application Forms can be downloaded from the IEC website.

Accreditation Contact Person 

Contact person must be introduced by applicant’s organization who is responsible for maintaining contacts with Accreditation Bureau during the accreditation process.

Accreditation Application Forms

Download Application Forms


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