Recruitment process of the staffs

Independent Election Commission (IEC), is committed to hire qualified people for the vacant positions of this institution, through competition method for timely administrative activities. The Human Resource department in accordance with the Civil Services staff’s procedure and approval of IEC commission under direction of CEO announces vacant position IEC HQ and provincial offices. The vacancies publish through the IEC website, IEC Facebook page and Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) website. Eligible candidates for the announced positions, will submit their application forms and will be registered at IEC HR department. After the deadline, the shortlisting process starts by assigning committee for recruitment from IEC and a monitoring specialist from board (IARCSC). The eligible candidates shortlisted and IEC will publish their names on the IEC website.

Upon completion of the shortlist process, applicants who have not been shortlisted, will be given the right to file a complaint within the Independent Administrative Reform Commission's Complaints Board; within 48 hours after the announcement posted on the Commission's website. After reviewing complaints and responding to the complaints board letters, according to the staff’s recruitment plan, a written test and interview will be taken from qualified candidates. By direct order of the CEO, Human Resources department appoints an examination committee and the examination committee will be responsible for preparing and selecting questions, conducting the written test, interviews and announces the results. After evaluating the written test and interview, by the examination committee, the succeeded candidates will be notifying in accordance with the principles and laws of the country.

Monitoring from the exam process

In order to maintain transparency in the recruitment process of the permanent staff of the IEC, both commissions (Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission and Independent Election Commission) monitor the process from the beginning, to the end of the examination process with the presence of their monitorial representative. The examination committee is responsibility to proceed the recruitment, interviewing process.

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