Mr. Awrangzib Chairman – Independent Election Commission

Mr. Awarang Zib

Honorable Awrangzib is son of Mohammad Hassan was born in a religious family in Paktia province on  1358. He completed his primary and secondary education at Shirkhan High School in Kunduz Province and completed his High school graduation from same High School in 1382. Mr. Aurangzeb after graduation of High school entered Kabul University by passing the Kankor exam in 1383 and he graduated by achieving top grades from faculty of Agriculture of Kabul University.

After completion of his higher education Mr. Awrangzib served as General Manager of Transport at the Ministry of Higher Education for 2 year. He was appointed as a head of Finance and Administration of Paktika Province for 2 years has been praised by Governor for his valuable work. After number of achievements in Paktika province through the Open Competition process, he was appointed as Head of Procurement and Logistics at the ]ndependent Directorate of local Governance in Kabul and he served for other two year.

Mr. Awranzib appointed as Financial and Administrative Assistant to Secretariat of the Independent Election Commission Afghanistan through the Open Competition process and according to the presidential office decree.

And recently, Mr. Aurangzeb, based on the new election law, through internal election of presidential  candidates of 1398 by taking the majority of votes and according to Decree No. (155) dated 12/12/1397, of Presidential Office was appointed as a commissioner for the Independent Election Commission Afghanistan (IEC).

Mr. Mawlana Abdullah Vice Chairperson – Independent Election Commission

Mr. Mawlana Abdullah  

Mr. Musafir Qoqandi, Secretary & Commissioner of IEC

Mr. Mosafer Quqandi

Mr. Musafir Qoqandi is son of the late Mohammad Rahim who was born on 11th November of 1982 in Kabul province within an intellectual and religious family. He is married and has four children.

He has successfully completed his elementary education in Rishkhor High School of Kabul, completed his secondary education in the Shahid Balkhi High School in Balkh Province, and he has done his graduation from Ibn -Yamin High School in 2008 from Jawzjan Province.

Mr. Qoqandi joined the Balkh University Faculty of Law and Political Science in 2001 with the advent of the new government through passing the entrance exam (Kankor), but the financial and economic challenges did not allow him to continue his studies after two years.

Musafir did not despair of life's difficulties, in addition to working hard, once again he tried his luck he was able to pass the Kankor Entrance Examination and selected at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Kabul University. He graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Kabul University (Night Shift) in 2013 with high marks. Following that, Mr. Qoqandi began his Master's Degree Program in Gender Equality at Kabul University in 2015 and successfully completed his Master’s Degree in year 2017. 

Mr. Qoqandi secretary and IEC commissioner for the second term, has 12 years of experience in various governmental and media positions.

  • From years  2007 to 2009  as an Employee / Public Relations Officer in the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled
  • From years 2009 to 2011 worked as Tv Reporter with Negah.
  • From years 2011 to 2013 worked as a reporter and producer of Ariana TV economic news

He has served as Head of Information and Public Relations and spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce from 2013 to 3rd of March 2019. It is noteworthy that the aforementioned sections have made many achievements in the aforementioned sectors and have made significant changes in their respective sectors.

Honorable Qoqandi, of course, has actively participated in past presidential, parliamentary, and provincial elections as a voluntary observer, and has voluntarily worked and supervised the process of election in order to ensure transparency and to support democracy.

Mr. Qoqandi has been honored by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the Medal of Mir Masjidi Khan in the past year and has received many letters of appreciation from various institutions during his work and activities. And recently, respected Qoqandi as per the new electoral laws and through the elections of Presidential election candidates of the year 2019 and by taking the majority of votes and according to Decree No. (155) dated 12/12/1397, of Presidential Office was appointed as a commissioner to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and through the internal elections of IEC he has been elected as the Secretary of the IEC.

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nooristani, Commissioner of IEC

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nooristani, Chairwoman of IEC

Hawa Alam Nuristani is a daughter of Haji Payandah Mohammad Khan Torahkhil, Granddaughter of Faiz Mohammad Khan, great granddaughter of Sepahsalar Mohammad Alam Khan and Born in a well-known and influential family in Behsood district of Nangarhar province.

Academic background: Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani completes her primary and secondary education in Nangarhar province. She holds a bachelor's degree in law and political science from Kabul University and a master's degree in international relations.

Work Experience

Mrs. Nuristani, she has served for over 34 years in various high-ranking and Superior-ranking position in governmental instituation and she has also served in accredited national and international institutions. She has also served for two decades as a reporter for the Ministry of Borders and Tribal, Affairs of Radio Jirga, a spokesperson for the National Radio and Television of Afghanistan, a director of the Mirman Magazine, the head of publications for Ministry of Women's Affairs', and a director of the Ershad al-Siswan newsletter. Mrs. Nuristani in the 15th Majlis, was the Representative of honorable People of Nuristan in the Wolesi Jirga and she has worked in various positions including Secretary of the Commission on International Relations, Commissioner for Human Rights, Member of the High Peace Council, Chair of the Commission on Access to Information, Member of the Media Breach Commission and Chairwoman of Independent Election Commission.

In addition to being a member of the Traditional Loya Jirga, she has played a positive role in all the Jirga which held for the improvement and well-being of the Afghan people. She has traveled to more than twenty-five countries to secure women's rights, reduce violence, secure peace and more, and she has been praised and honored by senior officials during these missions.

Mrs. Nuristani due to her love for her homeland and her country, she always stay very close with people in all circumstances and she has not resided in any other foreign country.

Mrs. Nuristani is also poetic personality and by this mean she portrait of her people's suffering and oppression.

Participation of Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani at international conferences

Mrs. Hawa Alam Nuristani has acted as a woman on behalf of Afghan women in various assemblies and conferences on political, social, peace and especially women's rights issues inside the country and abroad. The following may be mentioned:

  • Participation in Moscow conference to discuss bringing peace to the country
  • Participation in the peace process at the Moscow conference
  • Participation in the Peace Process at the Highland Conference
  • Participation in the peace process at the Pakistan conference
  • Participation in the peace process at the German conference
  • Participation in the Philippine Conference on Civil Society
  • Attendance at the Asia Pacific Conference in Thailand

Mr. Esmatullah Mal, Commissioner of IEC

Mr. Esmatullah Mal, Vice Chairperson of IEC

Honorable Sayed Esmatullah "Mal", son of Sayed Ahmadullah, was born in 1361 Hijre Shamsi in an intellectual and religious family. He is married and his native language is Pashto and he has considerable knowledge of English language.

 He completed his 14th graduation at Institute of Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas (Balkh Oil and Gas Technology). He obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering from Balkh University's chemical technology department. He is pursuing his master's program in Business Administration at Duniya University.

Work Experiences

  • Administrative Officer and Security Officer of Northern Zone (IEC) in years (1386-1390)
  • Operational Officer (High Peace Council) of Balkh Province (1390 to 1391)
  • Head of the Department of Petroleum and Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the province of Balkh Province in years (1391 to 1397)
  • And recently, Mr. Mal, based on the new election law, through internal election of presidential candidates of 1398 by taking the majority of votes and according to Decree No. (155) dated 12/12/1397, of Presidential Office was appointed as a commissioner and Vice Chairperson for the Independent Election Commission Afghanistan (IEC).

Mr. Mohammad Hanif Danish Yar, Commissioner of IEC

Mr. Mohammad Hanif Danish Yar

Mohammad Hanif "Danishyar" is son of Zawarshah, was born in 1362 in a religious and cultural family in the Moradineh district of Malestan district of Ghazni province. Mr. Danishyar completed his primary, secondary and High school by achievement of High-grades in the Moradineh High School in Malistan District of Ghazni Province and he started his higher education journey after successfully passing the Kankor exam in 1384 and he has been selected in Social Sciences faculty of Kabul University.

During his studies beside his extensive social and cultural activities, he served as the Chairman of the Board of the Junbish Naween Afghanistan Organization and head of Kanoon Khidmatgozaraan and he has been actively served as the head Reform and Peace (Special). He completed his bachelor Graduation in Sociology from Social Sciences Department of Kabul University in 1387 with a high grades and he is currently pursuing a master's degree in public administration at Duniya University and he has good knowledge of two national languages (Dari, Pashto) and he also knows English language.

Mr. Danishyar, he served with pride  For more than 5 years (1392 - end of 1397), as the spokesperson and head of public information and communication of the Ministry of Counter Narcotics; 3 years as Supervisor of monitoring and evaluation in Directorate of local Governance; and 2 years as project manager and financial and administrative director of the RahSabz Organization. At the end of 1397, he was nominated to the post of commissioner of the Independent Election Commission by getting the required number votes from presidential candidates, he has been elected as commissioner of IEC. Currently he is enthusiastically serving as commissioner of the IEC.

His most important achievements during his tenure were:

  • Develop a public awareness policy considering to combat against drugs
  • Designing, formulating and implementing communication strategies (internal, external, critical-media and gender) between 1393-1397;
  • Planning, drafting and implementation of Weekly Program against drugs, which has been included in timeline by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan onward 1393.
  • To attract financial and technical support from foreign donors, and in particular the United States Office of International Narcotics, in the fight against drug advertising;
  • Creating a network of national and local reporters to combat drugs;
  • Establish effective oversight mechanisms to monitor the performance of Directorate of local Governance in Directorate of local Governance administration.

Mrs. Rahema Zarifi, Commissioner of IEC

Mrs. Rahema Zarifi

Personal Information:

Name: Rahima Zarifi

Father's name: Muhammad Juma

 Permanent Residence: Khalm District, Balkh Province.

Dr. Habib -u- Rahman Nang - IEC Cheif Election Officer- CEO

Dr. Habib -u- Rahman Nang - IEC Cheif Election Officer- CEO

 Dr.Habib-ur-Rahman Nang; Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Election Commission was born in 1354 Solar year equal in 1975 in family of scholars, educated and religious in the Maidany village of Lagman province. He completed his primary education in Lagman province and high school in Nangarhar province with honors.

Dr. Habib-ur-Rahman Nang continued his higher education at Balkh University and graduated from medical in 1383 solar year. From 2004 to 2017, Dr. Nang has cooperated and worked with national and international institutions of health, social and political sectors.

Dr. Nang has made many scientific and official trips to Asian countries, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Tajikistan, etc in which he has gained important social and political experiences. Also Habib-ur-Rahman Nang by participating in capacity building programs inside and outside the country; has acquired leadership experience and knowledge at the national and international levels. Dr. Nang served as an election expert in 1396 Hijri Shamsi and in 1397, after while by a special decree of the President, he was appointed as the Chief electoral officer of the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

The CEO, in addition to being fluent in the official languages of the Country (Pashto and Dari), is also fluent in English and Arabic.


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