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Published Date 03 July 2021

IEC, UNDP, UNESP joint meeting to solve the salaries issues of 1397 parliamentary election staff

Mr. Awrangzib, Chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), heads of relevant IEC departments and UNDP  technical financial staff members discussed the reasons for delay on salary issues of 1397 parliamentary election staff at the IEC HQ office.


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The Independent Election Commission (IEC) started the audit and recount process of problematic votes in provinces. According to the Audit and Recount Procedure, the provincial offices have the duty to implement the audit and recount process quickly and precisely under the aegis of the technical team designated by the Commission, the accredited monitors, domestic and international observers, special guests (UN), the Election Complaints Commission (ECC) representatives and media.


The audit is a process in which the Commission investigates the TEBs, result forms, voter list, journal and other relevant documents and quarantined ballot boxes with problems and suspicion as well as their contents according to the predetermined criteria and then decides on including in and excluding from the counting process all or some of the votes of a polling station or polling center.


Recount means counting of the cast votes for second time for assurance purposes and which takes place after the first count. In this stage, all or part of the boxes the counting of which is objected to, are recounted as ordered by the IEC and the ECC. Invalidation of votes of one of candidates (according to the cases mentioned in page 3 and 4 of the Audit and Recount Procedure), invalidation of a station according to the predetermined criteria or finding a discrepancy between the result form of the station and the National Tally Center (NTC), (in light of the cases mentioned in page 4 of the Audit and Recount Procedure) and other problems encountered during the polling and biometric process are among the main reasons for audit and recount.

Sending of the Photos of the Recount Result Form and Digital Results to the IEC HQ

The Provincial Elections Officers (PEOs) have the duty to, after completing the stages of audit and recount, take photos of the original result forms in presence of monitors, observers and the ECC representatives before placing them in the box and send them through the official (predetermined e-mail) to the specific e-mail of the IEC HQ.

Report of Audit and Recount

The IT Deptartment consolidates the report of the audit using the database and presents it to the IEC Secretariat. Then, the CEO presents this report at the Commission’s meeting and the Commission decides in light of the applicable principles and procedures.

Similarly, the Commission’s decision on the audit is implemented and the report of the audit and recount is announced, and the results are finalized. Consequently, the results of audit and recount are validated once approved by the Commission and replace the former result form.

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